If you want an unforgettable adventure motorcycle tour in Central Asia or South East Asia with small trails and tracks to discover the hinterland, with special accommodations, eat delicious local food, get in touch with the locals and experience the real authentic culture, look below at our adventure tours.

Some of our offered tours can also be ridden individually or as a group without a guide. For more information please send us an email with your requirements.

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A continent where you quickly feel at home because of the friendliness of the locals.

The diversity of nature and culture will leave you amazed every day at how beautiful a landscape can be and how aptly Asian cultures can captivate you.

Along with the delicious food, you will forever take in this continent.

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Expedition travel with us means that a trip is ridden once or as a pilot with a small group.

We have made a plan and route in advance but on the spot we can deviate from it if necessary, this requires some flexibility for participants.

If you want even more adventure go on an expedition with us.

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Asia trips

Sri Lanka Wild Life And Nature 21 Days

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Sri Lanka Highlights 10 Days

Indonesia Bali Lombok Sumbawa 21 Days

Indonesia Bali Java Plantations And Volcanoes 14 Days

Indonesia Flores Authentic 9 Days

India Nagaland Ancient Tribes 16 Days

Nepal Mustang 16 Days

Central Asia Pamir Highway 16 Days

Indonesia Bali Lombok DeLuxe Relax 22 Days

Vietnam North Highlights 10 Days

Cambodia The Khmer Trail 14 Days

Philippines Majestic Mountains And rice Terraces 14 Days

Thailand Golden Triangle Big Bikes 16 Days

Expedition travel

Central Asia Pamir Highway 16 Days

Ride 2 Discover has 3 different types of motorcycle tours



Adventure tour means that you will ride on both paved - and unpaved roads/paths and short parts of the stage can be challenging, but not risky.

The emphasis on this type of trip is on riding dirt roads, trails and tracks.

The number of daily periods of unpaved roads/paths in a trip is clearly indicated in the trip information.

If you want a refresher course in off road then you can register with us.



Adventure tour means that you will travel the journey both on and off road.

The unpaved sections in the tour are easy to ride with little or no off road riding experience, although we will advise you to take an off road course so you know how a motorcycle reacts on unpaved roads.

The number of daily periods of unpaved roads/paths in a trip is clearly indicated in the trip information.

Through Ride 2 Discover, you can sign up for an off-road course.



On Road Tour means driving only on paved roads.

We drive as many small remote roads as possible in Asia through rice fields, plantations, small villages and mountainous terrain.

So we will not go off the paved road but some parts may be of lower quality asphalt.

This type of trip is also great for riding a ( large ) motorcycle with your partner.

You can also choose to do this trip on a ( large ) scooter!

If you want to join an adventurous motorcycle tour in Central Asia or South East Asia alone with other motorcycle enthusiasts or with your own group of friends, contact us for more information about our motorcycle tours in Indonesia (Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores), Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India ( Nagaland), Philippines, Nepal, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka.