Back 2 Basic All Road motorcycle unpaved through the vast wilderness of Sweden and overnight in pristine nature.


What could be better to ride your All Road motorcycle through the wilderness of Sweden and spend the night in wooded areas and/or by a lake. Enjoying the evening around a campfire with a drink to evaluate the day with fellow participants and share experiences.

We do this adventurous Back 2 Basic trip with a small group of only 4/5 people excluding tour guide.

We will meet at the port of Rostock ( Germany ) where this B2B RIDE trip will begin.

The route is unpaved as much as possible and well suited for heavy All Road motorcycles.

The first and last night of the trip is times the ferry crossing, but the rest of the nights we'll go BACK 2 BASIC. We spend the night in log cabins, shelters or a tent in nature. The tent will be brought in case the log cabin/shelter is not enough for everyone.

We collectively provide breakfast, lunch and dinner ( including the trip fee ) which we buy along the way and then prepare around a campfire at our log cabin. Enjoying a beer or something stronger around the fire with a slow setting sun.

Many dream of this, but we do it!

Sweden Like A Nomad Ride

8 Days

Type of trip: All Road log cabins/shelters/tent ( all inclusive )

Travel time months 2022: July

Travel time months 2023: July

Driving days: 8

Day parts unpaved: 6

Rest days during the tour: 0

Group size: 4 - 5 people

Travel Fee Rider/duo:  from € 1.295,-

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Travel information:

Departure date:
Date back:
Number of days:
July 15, 2023
July 22, 2023
July 22, 2022
July 29, 2022
1Netherlands UtrechtRostock (Germany)625Night ferry ( 7 hours )
2Trellenborg (Sweden)Vittsjo200
8TrellenborgNetherlands Utrecht625Night ferry ( 7 hours )
Highlights of the trip:

  • Unpaved with your own All Road motorcycle
  • Vast wilderness of Sweden
  • Spending the night in the wilderness
  • Back 2 Basic
  • Enjoying around a campfire

Day 1 Rostock Germany

You will travel on your own to the port of Rostock Duisland where we will gather and our first overnight will then be on the overnight ferry. The day's distance is measured from Utrecht, so for everyone this will be different but gives an indication. So you can determine the route yourself. In consultation we can also drive together.


During this adventurous B2B trip, we will stay in simple log cabins/shelters with virtually no amenities. Basic is a covered sleeping place and a campfire next to it. It may happen that 1 or 2 persons have to sleep in a tent next to the log cabin if the log cabin is too small. This tent will be provided to you by us and you must bring your own on the bike. You may also bring your own tent.


This trip requires flexibility. Accommodations at log cabins/shelters is on an arrival basis, so we may have to find another place nearby if it is already occupied.

Bringing Stuff

For the overnight stays you should bring a sleeping mat/mattress, sleeping bag, mosquito net and flashlight as well as your own dishes. Pans and gas burner will be provided.


Most meals during this trip are included in the trip price and will be arranged by the tour guide. However, meals will be prepared jointly on site.


For this trip, you need to drive all road tires or to be more precise, an 80/20 or possibly a 50/50 tire that can run on both asphalt and dirt roads.


Before the trip on the ferry you will have a general briefing where everything will be told. In addition, you will receive advance instructions each morning for the day's leg that may be relevant.

The price includes the following:

  • Ferry crossing Rostock Germany - Trellenborg Sweden

  • Ferry crossing Trellenborg Sweden - Rostock Germany

  • Overnight on the ferry 2 times in a sleeping pod
  • 5 nights shelter and or tent
  • Breakfast day 3 to 7
  • Lunch day 3 through 7
  • dinner day 2 through 6
  • All meals including the trip fee are prepared in cooperation with the tour guide
  • Possible use of tent and mattress
  • Ride2Discover Dutch tour guide

  • Ride2Discover T-Shirt

What is not included in the price:

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Gasoline
Additional service we can offer you:

  • Upgrade sleeping pod to cabin from € 140,-  ( outward and return trip )

Reviews of the trip

Reviews will come after the 1st trip