Exploring the backcountry on an Enduro motorcycle


The start of this adventurous motorcycle journey begins in Bali (Canggu). We ride along coastal roads, over mountain passes and through green valleys, shortcuts ( paved and unpaved ), through small villages and plantations, to discover the pure Indonesia.

"Adventure" tour means riding on both paved - and unpaved roads/paths. Besides the planned visits, the entire day will be motorized. Nevertheless, there will be regular stops for drinks and food or if we encounter something special. Depending on the size of the group, route of the day, number of stops and speed, we will arrive at the hotel between 15.00 and 17.00 hours so that you often have the opportunity to explore the area.

Bali Flores

21 Days

Type of trip: Adventure ( 8 day parts unpaved )

Travel time months 2021: May, July, September/October

Travel time months 2022: April/May, July, September/October

Driving days: 17

Rest days during the tour: 3

Group size: 2 - 10 people

Travel Price Rider:  € 3.695,-

Travel Duo:  € 3.295,-

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Travel information:

Departure date:
Date back:
Number of days:
Number of options:
Sept. 17
Sept. 21
Sept. 17
Sept. 21
Sept. 17
Sept. 21
2ArrivalCanggu ( Bali )
7PadangbaiKuta ( Lombok )804 Hours Ferry
9KutaMaluk ( Sumbawa )1801 hour Ferry
10MalukSumbawa Besar210
11Sumbawa BesarCalabai260
13HuúSumbawa Besar230
14Sumbawa BesarBayan ( Lombok )1601 hour ferry
17SekotongAmed ( Bali )804-hour ferry
19Ubud Sanur50
Highlights of the trip:

  • Rice terraces sidemen
  • Canggu beach
  • Bali rice fields
  • Volcano/Lake Batur
  • Mid-mountain Bali
  • Komodo monitor lizards island
  • Boat trip 17 islands Marine park
  • Snorkeling
  • Ngada traditional village
  • Kelimutu 3 colors lake
  • Volcanic mountain Rinjani
  • Indonesian food
  • Local population
  • Lovina beach
  • Beaches Sumbawa
  • Tanah lot temple
  • Flores island


You will need a visa for this motorcycle trip. You can arrange this on the spot upon arrival. Please make sure that your passport is still valid for at least 6 months upon your return.

Driving License

For this motorcycle trip, you will need an international driver's license which you will need in your home country
pre-arranges with the ANWB.

Follow car

For our motorcycle tours, from 6 participants upwards, a support car with mechanic goes along. You can put your luggage in the follow car. Because we sometimes take small and or unpaved roads/paths, the follow car may take a different route. Always make sure you have your gear with you for the day.

Pocket Money

Even though much is already factored into the trip price, you will still need some pocket money. This is an indication for you what approximately the general costs will be for food, drinks and gasoline. For most Asian countries you can figure about 15 to 20 euros per day.


Since the tour will be by motorcycle, it is not possible to bring much but enough luggage on the motorcycle. Preference is to bring a roll-up adventure waterproof bag and a small backpack. This can be secured to the back of the bike with quick straps ( which we have for you ). Also bring a flashlight and towel for possible use along the way, just to be safe. If a follow car comes along, the luggage can go in the car and you take only a small bag for what you need on the road.


Experienced motorcyclists know better than anyone else that wearing proper clothing is important, so even in the tour you are going to ride we stick to it. The requirement is to wear long pants ( motorcycle pants) and a ( motorcycle ) jacket, as well as sturdy motorcycle shoes or possibly high hiking boots and summer gloves. It is best to bring your own helmet.

Be aware that especially in the mountains, weather changes can occur and it may cool down or rain. Always bring 1 fleece sweater and rain gear. Raincoat is also good to use to block the wind when it gets colder.

Heavy travel

For an accurate estimate of the severity of the motorcycle trip, it is best to contact R2D personally.


Many of our motorcycle tours will also include a mechanic on the motorcycle if the group is less than 6 people.


For this trip, you are required to have a travel insurance needed with world coverage. Check carefully in advance whether motorcycling is covered. The policy number and emergency number should be taken with you and given to R2D in advance as well. Damage to third parties in an accident is not insured, and is usually settled on the spot. Regardless of who is at fault, the foreigner will usually pay for third-party damages. Fortunately, we are usually talking about very small amounts, unless it is a major accident.

Insurance to damage motorcycle usually cannot be insured. Fortunately, the repair costs are in a fraction of what we are used to and thus talk about small amounts. Any damage caused to the motorcycle, regardless of who is at fault, is yours.


About malaria there are many ambiguities. For proper advice, consult your GP/GGD or travel clinic. They can advise you whether you should take malaria pills ( usually Malarone ) for this trip, they can also assess whether this is possible in combination with any personal
drugs. Diarrhea can easily occur due to heat combined with a different type of food. Often the diarrhea is gone after a few days and can also be suppressed by Imodium, for example. If the diarrhea occurs for longer, local doctors have various remedies to treat it. If you depend on drugs or diseases, you should check with your doctor beforehand. He can assess whether this will not adversely affect the trip to be made. You should also inform R2D about this in advance.


R2D tries everything, as best as possible, to keep the trip on track, however, there may be situations where flexibility is expected from participants. There may be engine trouble or the planned route is temporarily not possible due to works. R2D tries to have you stay in good 2** to 4** star hotels or cottages where possible. However, because we want to discover pure adventure and ride to places rarely visited by tourists it may occasionally happen that the accommodation is not optimal and thus some adjustment is expected.

Day stages

The routes go as much as possible on small roads, mountain passes, valleys, through plantations and villages. Upon arrival, a briefing will inform you in detail about what to look out for during the trip. The roads are not of the same quality as in European countries, but are getting better. Thus, there may be large holes or parts of the road that are washed away. The weather has a great influence on asphalt and dirt roads which means that a road that was passable last year may now be in very bad condition.


Driving in Asia is different from participating in traffic in Western European countries. In the briefing you will be informed about this in detail.


You can use debit cards at most of the places we visit; however, you must have your card unlocked in advance for this purpose.


For Asian countries, it is best to carry a world plug.

The price includes the following:

  • Flight ticket

  • Taxes and surcharges

  • All hotel stays with breakfast

  • Rental Kawasaki KLX 150 Enduro

  • Pick up car with mechanic ( in case of 6 driving participants )

  • Transport to and from Bali airport

  • Ferry crossing Bali-Lombok vv

  • Ferry Lombok-Sumbawa vv

  • Ferry Sumbawa-Flores vv

  • Ride2Discover Dutch tour guide

  • Ride2Discover T-Shirt

What is not included in the price:

  • Gasoline

  • Any vaccinations and malaria pills ( consult your doctor or GGD )

  • Visa on the spot at Bali airport ( currently free )

  • International driving license available at ANWB ( € 19,- )

  • Afternoon dinner and drinks

  • Any excursions of your own

  • Indicative pocket money € 400.

Additional service we can offer you:

  • single room €485,-
  • Upgrade Honda/Kawasaki 250cc €385,-

Reviews about the trip

This motorcycle trip was great. Roland is a great tour guide, a topper! The flights connected very well, very pleasant. I would like to get a massage more often, highly recommended! Contact with the office was good.

Dick ter BraakApril 2018

We had a great time. Sri Lanka is perhaps the finest country we have traveled in so far. The routes are wonderful! Compliments. The hotels are excellent. In short: it is fantastic here.

P&A Sri LankaFeb 2020