Magical Nepal with the white peaks of the Himalayas.

Nepal a must on the bucket list to have ridden.

It begins upon arrival in the capital, Kathmandu. A wonderfully chaotic city with lots of sights, which is why we spent another day here upon arrival. But actually you need several days to see everything. In particular, the Monkey Temple, Durbar Square and the funeral pyres at Pashupatinath temple must be seen.

Along the way we have a special extra day in Chitwan to do a safari there. This vast National Park of no less than 952km2 goes far into northern India and has lots of wild life.

But you will also be impressed by the birthplace of THE BUDDHA 2,600 years ago in Lumbini.

Nepal is mountainous with many unpaved ( mountain ) roads, even the main road is an adventurous challenge. But the days to the Lower Mustang of over 3,700 meters you will never forget. An impressive mountain range with magical views at every turn, not to mention the often unpaved roads that complete this adventure.

The overnight stay here in Kagbeni is one of historical rarity. We spend the night in a 500-year-old monastery, a breathtaking prayer room with a huge Buddha, but the whole village is historic. A short walk through the narrow alleys where literally century old carved stones lie on the ground.


Nepal / Mustang

16 Days

Type of trip: Adventure ( 11 day parts unpaved )

Travel time months 2022: April, November

Driving days: 11

Rest days during the tour: 1

Group size: 6 - 10 people

Travel Price Rider:  € 2.895,-

Travel Duo:  € 2.495,-

Indicative flight ticket price from Amsterdam:  € 1.100,-

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Highlights of the trip:

  • Kathmandu
  • Monkey Temple
  • Durbar Square
  • Pashupatinath temple ( traditional corpse burning )
  • Lumbini birthplace of the Buddha
  • White snow-capped Himalayan peaks
  • Special historic hotel stays
  • Shree Mukthinat temple
  • Historical site of Kagbeni
  • Chitwan National Park
  • Riding a Royal Enfield Himalayan
  • Delicious local food

Heaviness of the journey

Nepal is divided in altitude into three regions. In the south is the lowlands, this is called the Terrai. This is a tropical area where elephants and rhinos live. In the north is the high Himalayas, with snow-capped peaks, the Annapurna and the foot of Mount Everest. The roads in this area are poor and dead ends in the high mountains. Between these two extremes lies the so-called low Himalayas. Our trip takes place in the latter area. So you won't reach high altitudes, except for the night in Lower Mustang. The distances are too not great and the trip as a whole is therefore not really tough but some experience is required.

Off road

About 50 percent of this trip is on unpaved roads and or trails. Most routes are not difficult but can be tiring. Sometimes there are parts that can be difficult. Some off road experience or already done similar trips is a must.


Required are a helmet motorcycle jacket with protection hand-shoes a good sturdy (motorcycle) pants with protection or with loose knee protection and sturdy high (mountain) shoes. Especially in spring and autumn it can be very hot in the lower parts of the trip. A summer motorcycle jacket with protection is therefore recommended. Furthermore, good sunglasses are useful and a helmet with visor that protects from the dust. The rainy season falls in the summer months from June to the end of August. We plan our trips before or after this. Still, the weather can ignore all forecasts you should therefore take into account a possible rain shower on all trips.


There is a visa requirement for Nepal. However, you do not need to arrange this visa in advance, you can buy this upon arrival at the airport in Kathmandu for 35,- euro.

International driving license

For this motorcycle trip, you will need an international driver's license, which you will arrange in advance with the ANWB in your home country.

Permit Lower Mustang

To drive in the Lower Mustang, a permit must be arranged in advance in Kathmandu. Cost is about 25 usd

The price includes the following:

  • All airport transfers
  • Taxes and surcharges

  • All hotel stays with mostly breakfast

  • Motorcycle Rental Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc

  • Follow car with local driver from 6 participants

  • Traveling mechanic on the motorcycle

  • Dutch tour guide on the motorcycle

  • Third party motorcycle insurance

What is not included in the price:

  • Flight ticket to and from destination
  • Gasoline

  • Other meals and drinks

  • Personal expenses

  • International driving license available at ANWB

  • Travel/ and cancellation insurance

  • Visa fee ( on arrival airport )

  • Permit Lower Mustang ( +- 25 USD )
  • Safari Chitwan National Park
  • Indicative pocket money € 500

Additional service we can offer you:

  • single room € 495,-

Reviews of the trip

Everything went very smoothly, from the preliminary information regarding the available bikes, taking into account my size, to the booking, payment and trip itself. 10 out of 10 in other words. I thought it was a fantastic trip. The men in the group may have wanted more miles, but I as the only woman, thought it was just right. Highlights are the real blending with the people, the traffic, the corpse burning, the food along the way, good group atmosphere

Fabienne FeysOctober 2012