All Road through the vast wildernesses of Finland/Sweden, North Cape Norway and Murmansk Russia


What could be better than riding your All Road motorcycle through the wilderness of Finland and Sweden and staying overnight in log cabins or traditional wooden hotels with private sauna in wooded areas and/or by a lake.

From the Netherlands we drive to northern Germany to take the ferry to Helsinki. The ferry crossing is 30 hours so we sleep 1 night on the ferry in a cabin.

From Helsinki, the All Road journey will begin to the Arctic Circle and the land of Santa Claus.

Finland is known for its many lakes and vast forests through which we will drive unpaved with a big smile and where we sometimes have to watch out for a reindeer on the unpaved road.

Halfway through this trip, we have a rest day and can wash our belongings and check out the area around Santa Claus village.

Through an abandoned post we cross the border into Russia. We then enter the Russian peninsula with the lovely name of Kola. Here we drive on paved road to the city of Murmansk, on the Barents Sea.

Then we drive briefly through Norway to look for the North Cape.

Then we will cross the border into Sweden and experience some wonderful All Road days here in unspoiled nature.

This trip is a pilot trip, which means that the hotels are booked and the route is made in advance, however, we will see on the spot if we are going to deviate from the route because of e.g. the degree of difficulty.

NOTE: This special trip is also possible as an ON-ROAD trip. You drive a different route every day together with the follow car and meet again at the hotel at the end of the day. In between, it is also possible to meet each other.

Finland Russia Norway Sweden Arctic Ride

21 Days

Type of trip: All Road and On Road

Travel time months 2021: August / September

Travel time months 2022: August / September

Driving days: 18

Day parts unpaved: 14

Rest days during the tour: 3

Group size: 8 - 12 people

Travel Fee Rider/duo:  from €3,895.

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Travel information:

Departure date:
Date back:
Number of days:
Aug. 12, 2023
September 1, 2023
1Utrecht Netherlands Travemunde (Germany)550Ferry Terminal
2TravemundeHelsinki (Finland)Ferry
7RukaMurmansk (Russia)540
9MurmanskRepparfjord (Norway)610Via Finland
10RepparfjordStay300North Cape
11RepparfjordMuonio (Finland)380Other route unpaved 340km
14RovaniemaBredsel (Sweden)430
20VittsjoRodby (Denmark)250
21RodbyUtrecht (Netherlands)700Ferry 45 minutes to Putgarden Germany
Highlights of the trip:

  • Unpaved with your own All Road motorcycle
  • Vast wilderness of Finland and Sweden
  • Arctic Circle
  • Murmansk
  • North Cape
  • Stay overnight in wooden traditional villa with sauna
  • Santa Claus village
  • In wild reindeer
  • Campfire by a lake


The nights described in the explanation may vary due to limited availability, but we will certainly look for comparable alternative.

Follow car

There will be a follow car along for luggage. The follow car will drive a different route for large parts of the trip.

Heaviness of the journey

This trip has many miles per day with many unpaved roads so this trip can be tough.

Individual riding

The stages will be interval started, so we will not ride as a large group. The idea is to leave at 10 to 15 minute intervals with 2 or 3 riders.


nights with hotel are with breakfast but nights in a wooden villa or log cabin are without breakfast and should be arranged by yourself.


For lunch, you can decide where to eat along the way.

En route

Be sure to carry drinking water with you at all times in addition to rain gear ect. Even though the trip is called RALLY we are not going to drive fast and abide by all local rules. In addition, we recommend that you stop every hour. Enjoy the scenery and nature.


For this trip, you need to drive all road tires or to be more precise, an 80/20 or possibly a 50/50 tire that can run on both asphalt and dirt roads.


Before the trip on the ferry you will have a general briefing where everything will be told. In addition, you will receive advance instructions each morning for the day's leg that may be relevant.

Interval start day stage

Each morning, according to schedule of the previous day(s), the list will be announced who leaves at what time. The slowest from the previous day(s) will leave first and the fastest last. If we use an interval of 10 minutes and we have 6 groups, the last one will start more than 1 hour later.

The price includes the following:

  • All hotel stays, most with breakfast

  • 2 nights ferry
  • Follow car for luggage
  • Special accommodations such as luxury wooden villa ( no breakfast )
  • Ferry crossing to Helsinki ( 30 hours )
  • Ferry Rodby (Denmark) - Puttgarden (Germany) 45 minutes
  • Dutch tour guide on the motorcycle
  • Ride2Discover Dutch tour guide

  • Ride2Discover T-Shirt

What is not included in the price:

  • Other meals and drinks

  • Breakfast when staying overnight wooden traditional villa
  • Visa Russia
  • International driving license
  • Any toll roads and entrances

  • Personal expenses
Additional service we can offer you:

  • NVT

Reviews of the trip

Reviews will come after the 1st trip