Through the vast regions of central Asia


This trip goes through three unknown countries in Central Asia. And each of these countries is different.

Literally the highlight of this trip is the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan.

We begin the trip in Kyrgyzstan's second city Osh.

Most of this country is beautiful mountain scenery.

Tourism is still scarce here. We spend the night in a small guesthouse, in a yurt camp or in people's homes.

After Osh, we cross the border into Uzbekistan. This is a mostly flat country, but has beautiful ancient Silk Road cities.

From Samarkand you will visit the great Registan.

Tajikistan is primarily high mountainous.

Here we drive the Pamir Highway, this is well above the tree line.

The landscape here is barren and rugged, and overnight accommodations are basic.

This road runs along the border with Afghanistan through one of the most rugged and remote areas on earth.

Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Pamir Highway

16 Days

Type of trip: Adventurous ( day parts unpaved )

Travel time months: June, September

Driving days: 11

Rest days during the tour: 2

Group size: 6 - 12 people

Travel Price Rider:  € 4.295,-

Travel Duo:  € 3.695,-

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Travel information:

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June 1, 2024
June 16, 2024
September 7, 2024
September 22, 2024
May 31, 2025
June 15, 2025
September 13, 2025
September 28, 2025
6SamarkandSeven LakesTajikistan130
7Seven LakesDushanbeTajikistan235
13MurgabDay trip border ChinaTajikistan220
14MurgabSary TashKyrgyzstan240
15Sary TashOshKyrgyzstan245
Highlights of the trip:

  • Fergana valley
  • Samarkand silk road settlements
  • Seven Lakes
  • Anzob tunnel ( gateway to hell )
  • Place Dushanbe
  • Kulyab route
  • Skalinsky mountain 5,700 meters
  • Shavash mountain 5,300 meters
  • Gharm Chasma hot springs
  • Pamir Mountains
  • Khargush pass 4,344 meters
  • Mountain Giant Muztagh Ata
  • Border with China
  • Akbaytal pass 4,655 meters
  • Karakul lake

Heaviness of the journey

The combination of three factors can make this trip quite tough. First, there are the unpaved roads in the high mountains of Tajikistan. And second, the altitude will make this trip tough for many participants. Without exception, everyone will experience discomfort from the altitude. For some, it will be limited to shortness of breath and vague symptoms; others will experience more unpleasant symptoms such as headaches and nausea. These are all normal reactions of the body and most symptoms will disappear on their own after a few days. This process is called acclimatization and you will find detailed information about it in the handbook. To make this process as smooth as possible, it is important to ascend slowly. We have taken this into account in our schedule.

Off road and distances

About half of the route we drive on dirt roads. These are usually well-traveled gravel roads but, due to the effects of the rainy season, they can be quite tough. Of course, it also always remains very careful in the sharp turns. The high passes in this area are only open in the summer months, in the other seasons there is too much snow. This also means that during the summer period a lot of snow melts and flows over the roads. This can be a harmless stream but can also cause a major landslide. So keep in mind that in such cases a solution must be sought. This can be a short detour but also riding the motorcycle through the stream anyway. Flexibility is thus an important trait to take sufficiently on this trip.


This trip goes through very remote parts of Tajikistan. Here there are no hotels. So we will regularly stay in people's homes in so-called "homestays. These are obviously fairly basic accommodations but will bring you into direct contact with the local population.


Actually, we drive through two different climate zones. In the relative lowlands of Kyrgyzstan, it is dry and hot. It is different in the high mountains of Tajikistan. Because of the altitude, the temperature here does fluctuate extremely. During the day it is very warm but after sunset it will cool very quickly and become quite cold.


Required are a helmet warm motorcycle jacket with protection gloves a good sturdy motorcycle pants with protection and sturdy high (mountain) shoes. Because of the large temperature differences, it may be useful to wear a motorcycle jacket with removable lining. On colder parts in the mountains, you can also wear extra clothing under your jacket if necessary. Since you will experience very hot, but also cold days, it is best to bring both summer gloves and winter gloves. Furthermore, good sunglasses are useful and a helmet with visor that protects from the dust. If your motorcycle clothing is not waterproof then it is advisable to bring a separate rain suit.

Pocket money and money matters

At the Kyrgyz-Tadjikistan border you cannot change money. In Osh you should exchange a minimum of money in Kirgiez Som (of which you do not need much, viz. for 3 days) and a minimum of Tajieks Somini (for 1 day). In Dushanbe you have the best rate and can exchange maximum money. You can't buy many souvenirs anywhere.


Along the border river with Afghanistan there may be land mines. During the 4 days that we drive along the river and thus along the border with Afghanistan, it is tempting yet unwise to drive beside the road (off road) or go paddling or picnicking by the river.


A Visa is recently no longer required for Kyrgyzstan. For Tajikistan, you can apply for a visa online. You can also let us take care of the application. You will get more information about this after registration.

International driving license

For this motorcycle trip, you will need an international driver's license, which you will arrange in advance with the ANWB in your home country.

The price includes the following:

  • Flight ticket Amsterdam -
  • Includes airport taxes and fuel surcharges
  • All hotel or homestay nights with breakfast

  • Rental Yamaha XT 600 or equivalent

  • Follow car with local driver

  • Traveling mechanic in follow car

  • Dutch tour guide on the motorcycle

  • Third party motorcycle insurance

  • Comprehensive travel handbook

What is not included in the price:

  • Gasoline

  • Other meals and drinks

  • Personal expenses

  • International driving license available at ANWB 

  • Travel and cancellation insurance

  • Visa fees Kyrgyzstan ( free at the border )

  • Visa costs Tajikistan ( online )
  • Indicative pocket money € 450.

Additional service we can offer you:

  • single room € 390,-

Reviews of the trip

What participants wrote to us:

As of 2020, the route has been modified and passes through three countries.

"The group enjoyed it immensely. The rides were well crafted. Highlights of this trip were the unique changing landscapes, warm people, very nice location of overnight in 7 lakes (in Kyrgyzstan) and in Tajikistan the herds coming in for winter. Warm people even if direct contact is difficult as we did not find a common language ( Russian is their second language - knowledge of English infrequent). It was a challenging trip in terms of route but achievable - so fine. Engines were very good and reliable although the mechanic/driver should do a little more preventive maintenance, e.g. clean the dust filters earlier.

Bernard de CanniereSeptember 2017

"The contact with the office was fine, beforehand we went to a slide night. It was nice that Maaike was there at the departure from Schiphol. The trip was super, particularly beautiful through the Himalayas and nice lots of off-road driving. It was a long trip to get there and long days. The Swiss bikes give a lot of delays at the border, tip to have them converted to local license plates. We made up some stops ourselves including a meteorite impact at Murgab and a nice stop at some yurts where you could drink chai (sign Fast Food Hotel). For us, the highlight was the trip to Murgab. Beautiful landscape, but also the trip along the 7 lakes was very nice and super fun to do.

Ewald BeekmanSeptember 2017