All Road Weekend Netherlands Camping


We ride these adventurous routes in a group accompanied by one of our tour guides. So he will also help you brush up on your off- and all-road skills along the way.

You can ride the route on your own motorcycle or rent a motorcycle through us. This will be a light Honda CRF250cc motorcycle.

The route starts and ends in Wateren in Drenthe. This is also where the rental motorcycles are located. You can safely leave stuff here that you don't need for the weekend.

The trip consists of two day trips with start and finish at the same campsite. At the campsite a tent will be ready for you and a nice BBQ will be organized in the evening.

Some trails are fairly difficult. If you want to "brush up" on your Off Road skills sign up for Basic Off Road training:  off-road training 


2 Days

Type of trip: All Road

Travel time months 2022: July, September

Driving days: 2

Group size: 6 - 16 people

Travel Price Rider:  € 250,-

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Travel information:

Departure date:
Date back:
Number of days:
July 9, 2022
July 10, 2022
Aug. 27, 2022
Aug. 28, 2022
1WatersDay trip 1110
2WatersDay trip 2115
Highlights of the trip:

  • All road driving through the Netherlands
  • Camping
  • Joint BBQ evening

You have two options to choose from for this motorcycle trip:

1 - your own engine
Of course, this motorcycle must be suitable for this tour. This means that this must be at least an all-road type of motorcycle, with at least all-road tires. Finally, of course, you yourself must also have the skill to ride this motorcycle over unpaved trails.

2 - a rental motorcycle
We have six pieces of Honda CRF250cc motorcycles available. These are ready in at the starting location and their rental price is 125,- euro per day. This includes WA and damage to motorcycle insurance and use of complete offroad equipment.


This trip has starts and ends at a campsite in Wateren in Drenthe, the Netherlands. Both mornings you will depart from this location and return there in the evening. So you can leave your luggage here. There is no follow car.


During these two days, one of our trip leaders will accompany the weekend. The trip leader has pre-scouted the route and will also give tips on off-road riding techniques along the way.


The trip has an overnight stay. This is at a campground. Tent and mattress will be provided. However, you should bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. Shower and toilets are available at the campsite. We arrange one tent per person. If you want to stay together in a tent, that's also possible.


Dinner on the first evening and breakfast on the second day are included and organized by us. Meals along the way are at your own expense.

Option rental motorcycle

Renting a Honda CRF250cc motorcycle from us costs 125,- per day. This includes:
- Third-party insurance
- Damage to motorcycle insurance
- Use of complete offroad equipment (Boots, pants, body protector, shirt, jacket, gloves and helmet)

Option equipment

If you come on your own motorcycle and do want to rent equipment it costs 20,- for the entire weekend.

The price includes the following:

  • Overnight stays in a 1 person tent at campground

  • Coffee and refreshments at reception and return

  • Travel guidance on the motorcycle
  • Use of mattress

  • Leaving behind belongings in Waters
  • Dinner on first night BBQ
  • Breakfast on 2nd day
  • Use of toilets and showers at the campsite
What is not included in the price:

  • Gasoline for your engine

  • Lunch and coffee along the way

  • Sleeping bag and pillow

  • Beverage
Additional service we can offer you:

  • Rental motorcycle Honda 250cc  € 250,-

Reviews about the trip

First, I would say WONDERFUL! I had a wonderful weekend. But of course that also has to do with the fact that "we" have not been able and allowed to do so much for a while due to corona measures. Met new people and of course beautiful and "tough" stories..... I really enjoyed getting to know Marco and Roland. Camping is a PRIMA location. Good reception and cooperation at reception upon arrival. You are welcome
My own Kamper was fine accommodation. BBQ was well arranged, I was glad I brought my own "sandwich iron" though. For vegas, a separate device for the BBQ would be handy. Refrigerator at the camping spot for beer.

Chris van BaalAllroad weekend Drenthe June 20, 2021

We had our own gear with us and a caravan. Rogier was our tour guide, he could have had a little more gas (hahahahahah No kidding!!!), it should remain fun for everyone and he navigated us well. Also listened to us (a little less hard on the asphalt and an extra pee break now and then) so positive criticism for Rogier as well!!! Highlight cannot be named specifically.... It is the overall picture after a long corona period finally a kind of men's outing again. Driving the route during the day at night bbq and a campfire in the morning breakfast and then another round after it. We had brought our own caravan. We didn't see much of the campground only our field with the tents and the shower building. The bbq was well arranged. The food was prepared for us and we only had to walk by with a plate to scoop it up. Points of improvement not really, but tips: Perhaps it would be handy to put up 1 party tent of 3x3 or 3x6 and store or prepare all the stuff in there. Thanks for the well organized and pleasant weekend!!! I had already indicated as soon as something similar (by you) is organized in the north, we will certainly be there again!!!!

Henk and Klaas van der PloegAll-Road Weekend Drenthe - June 20, 2021