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Would you like a motorcycle vacation booking? Are you looking for a cool motorcycle vacation, mapped out for you from A to Z? Then look no further. We welcome you to Ride 2 Discover. We specialize in organizing motorcycle tours and offer a wide range of different destinations. Years ago, Ride 2 Discover turned its passion for unique motorcycle tours into work and so today we offer you the most beautiful trips for motorcycle enthusiasts. The routes we offer you are specially designed to let you enjoy the beautiful landscapes and challenging roads. For finding a unique and unforgettable motorcycle trip, Ride 2 Discover is definitely the right place. If you want to travel in a small group of 2, 3 or 4 people, you can also do so with our trained local guides. A motorcycle vacation booking has never been easier.

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A continent where you quickly feel at home because of the friendliness of the locals.

The diversity of nature and culture will leave you amazed every day at how beautiful a landscape can be and how aptly Asian cultures can captivate you.

Along with the delicious food, you will forever take in this continent.

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Europe is a walhalla for motorcyclists. In our travel program we offer a diversity of possibilities. Besides the wonderful secondary roads, the many mountains in the Alps and the Dolomites, among others, you can also conquer the unpaved roads in Scandinavia and other European countries.

With our RALLY/RIDE trips you can use your All Road motorcycle to the fullest .

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Expedition travel with us means that a trip is done once or as a pilot with a small group. We have made a plan and route in advance but on the spot we can deviate from it if necessary, this requires some flexibility for the participants.

Some trips include a photographer to make a documentary.

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Asia trips

Sri Lanka Wild Life And Nature 21 Days



Sri Lanka Highlights 10 Days

Indonesia Bali Lombok Sumbawa 21 Days

Indonesia Bali Java Plantations And Volcanoes 14 Days

Indonesia Flores Authentic 9 Days

India Nagaland Ancient Tribes 16 Days

Nepal Mustang 16 Days

Central Asia Pamir Highway 16 Days

Indonesia Bali Lombok DeLuxe Relax 22 Days

Vietnam North Highlights 10 Days

Cambodia The Khmer Trail 14 Days

Philippines Majestic Mountains And rice Terraces 14 Days

Thailand Golden Triangle Big Bikes 16 Days

Europe trips

Scotland Highland & Whisky Individual 12 Days

Sweden Back 2 Basic Ride 8 Days

Finland Russia Norway Sweden Arctic Ride 21 Days

Sweden Reindeer Ride 14 Days

France Grandes Alpes Individual 12 Days

Italy Dolomites Individual 7 Days

Expedition travel

Central Asia Pamir Highway 16 Days

Ride 2 Discover has 3 different types of motorcycle tours



Tour means you will ride on both paved - and unpaved roads/paths and short parts of the stage can be challenging, but not risky.

The number of day parts regarding unpaved roads/paths in a trip are clearly indicated in the information.

All Road


Especially for the owners of an All Road motorcycle in the Netherlands and Belgium, we develop motorcycle tours ( RALLY / RIDE ) with which you can ride On and especially Off Road in Europe.

The Off Road, off rather unpaved tracks/roads are carefully chosen so that you can ride them well with the heavy Off Road motorcycle.



Tour means driving only on paved roads.

In Asia, we drive as many small remote roads as possible through rice fields, plantations, small villages and mountainous areas. In Europe, it's about as many secondary and mountain roads as possible.

Booking motorcycle vacations in Europe, Asia or along on Expedition?

Whether you are an experienced motorcyclist or just starting to ride, Ride 2 Discover has different motorcycle tour options for every rider. Our routes are specially designed to let you enjoy the beautiful landscapes and challenging roads of Europe and Asia. In addition, you can also choose to join us on Expedition. At Ride 2 Discover, safety comes first. We make sure that all our trips are accompanied by experienced guides and we offer extensive support along the way. We only work with reliable partners and make sure our motorcycles are always in top condition. During all our trips you stay overnight in cozy villages and have the opportunity to experience the local culture and enjoy delicious local food. Because we take care of you from A to Z, we have arranged accommodation, rental of your motorcycle and transportation to and from the airport. This way you can make a beautiful tour and at the end of the ride you arrive at a beautiful location where you stay overnight. Our tours are suitable for all levels and we offer different types of tours, from adventurous off-road rides to relaxing tours along the coast.

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Would you like to have an unforgettable motorcycle vacation booking in Southeast Asia, take a special motorcycle trip in Europe or would you like to join us on Expedition? Then take a look at this website. Be surprised and inspired by our offer in a motorcycle vacation Booking and book your desired motorcycle vacation right away!

Ride 2 Discover tries to give you as much information as possible through this website regarding motorcycle tours and everything related to it. If you still have questions you can always contact us.